NU Digital Awards: Summon a Pharaonic God to Represent Egypt’s Digital Creativity

Digital Awards

It is time for Egypt to take control of its own digital and commercial industry therefore NU Digital Awards was created; it is a local digital awards brand and we can officially say that it is the very first Egyptian Digital Awards. The launch of this huge news was announced at an event that took place last week along with announcing that BMW is the official sponsor and the branding partner is Matter Branding Agency.

NU Digital Awards was founded by Ali Shaaban with the partnership of Mai Salama, Naemat Khalil and Abdel Hamid Abdella who have been working in the digital field since it appeared. They all shared the same dream of creating a platform that serves the Egyptian creativity only and bring it out to light and rewarding the creative Egyptian minds and brands that deserve recognition and appreciation.

Digital Awards
The Story Behind the name NU

In celebration of our great ancestors and pharaonic roots, the name was inspired by our ancient Egyptian mythology

NU who is also known as Nun, is the oldest pharaonic God and is the father of the God of Sun Ra. When Ra first began his creation, he started from “Primeval Waters” which is a translation of the name NU. Meaning NU was the main key and the start of all Ra’s creations therefore it is the name of the very first created Egyptian digital awards.

Creative Egyptian Minds Are What Matter

It is about time that we realize our own worth and stop copying and comparing our own talents to the international ones. It is our time now to be our own source of ideas and innovation.

Since Egypt is full of talents and creativity, it was the right time to create something that show them their worth. NU’s main goal is encouraging the creative Egyptian minds in the digital ecosystem all the way from creative, content, brand, platform to anything that is considered to be innovative.

It doesn’t matter if you own a startup or a huge reputable company, all what matters is that you are creative and most importantly Egyptian. This gives a chance to participate, get recognized and rewarded for what you create.

Digital Awards
The Judging Process

It is guaranteed that there will be a fair and just judging process for every submitter in order for everyone to get their own unbiased recognition.

The list of judges is not settled yet but they are to be announced soon. One of the important names in the awards field, Terry Savage, will joining NU Awards as the Consultant. Savage is the ex-chairman of Cannes Lions and he will be overseeing the whole process to make sure it is fair, unbiased, following the global standards and rewarding the digital achievers based on their work and qualities.

The Categories and How to Register

For those who are interested to participate; there are five main categories which are Digital Media Campaigns, Social Engagement, Digital Craft, Cross-Border, and Special Awards. All of these categories have around other 59 subcategories that cover up a huge part of the digital application. So, whatever your product or service is, you will find the right subcategory for it.

When to Submit

To those who want to submit their work, the date is set and it is starting May until October and the awards ceremony itself will be held in the first week of November 2020.

The ceremony will be a luxurious gala that will bring together all the huge public figures of the industry. The place is yet to announced but an incredible and an unforgettable night is what you can expect.

We couldn’t be more excited and prouder that we are making something this big on our own and by our own hands as finally we are having an Egyptian local awards brand that is purely created by Egyptians. We can say that the Egyptian creativity will get the recognition it deserves at last and we are eager to find out what everyone has in hand to surprise us.

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