Our first edition and ceremony will be in December 2022, follow our social channels & register here to know the exact date when announced.”.

Submission will open very soon. Register here to receive important announcements and updates.

Registering to the ceremony will only be available through our official website. Invitations will be sent to your registered email address and will contain a QR code that needs to be presented at the ceremony’s main entrance. Please make sure you have the confirmation email on your mobile or printed out prior to arriving at the ceremony’s venue. Attendants can only access the ceremony through presenting their invitations.

We focus on digital work only, however you can choose to submit the digital part of a campaign by itself but it is not recommended as we will not have the full picture. Please refer to our information page or contact us for more information.

You can find a small description for each sub-category which indicates the scope that it covers. On our Categories page, choose the most relevant category and sub-category to the best of your knowledge and we will take it from there.
You can submit the same work in up to three sub-categories under the same category. If the work is submitted in more than three sub-categories, only the first three submissions will be considered.
You can also contact us for any questions or additional information.

Yes, and we encourage that as long as the categories are relevant to the work being submitted. Submissions in irrelevant categories will be dismissed.
However, you can submit the same work in up to three entries under the same section.

Please reach out to us through our contact us page or send us a private message on any of our social platforms stating your issues. Make sure that the confirmation email was not received in your email’s Spam folder before contacting us.

Yes, you can apply to become a sponsor here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Yes, there will always be an applicable Early Bird rate for our ceremonies, and they will be announced very soon, subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.”

By submitting your work to NU Digital Awards, you are automatically subjected to the best that the digital industry has to offer. Your work will be evaluated thoroughly by top-notch professionals and leading figures in the business from all over the Middle East. Should you be shortlisted and nominated for an award in any of our many categories, a world of possibilities will unlock and your work will gain tremendous exposure in the digital arena, almost certainly guaranteeing a positive impact for your business.
Winning a NU award will bring your work to the regional spotlight and the inevitable international spotlight, where it will act as a solid testament to your company’s digital prowess, know-how and state-of-the-art expertise in your area. Winning one of our awards is a journey that is sure to bring growth, success and an unrivaled reputation that will elevate your work to unwavering heights in the digital industry.

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