TikTok’s global social media takeover

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Is TikTok taking over the Egyptian market as the new social media platform?

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service that has a variety of features that allow users to express themselves in unique and creative ways because of how easy it is to trim, cut, merge and duplicate video content without leaving the app.

It launched in 2018 but made a huge impact on the Egyptian digital industry due to the three following successful challenges:
#1 #No_Place_like_Egypt : This challenge was created to encourage Egyptians to express their love for their country, gaining 16.8M views in 8 days.
#2 #FreestyleTown : This challenge was created to give users a chance to vote on the best freestyle football videos, bringing in 85.4k participants and 4.8M views.
#3 #TiktokTravel : This challenge was created globally and Egypt was listed as one of more than 100 countries to be included in the campaign which had 400,00 videos of traveling moments, receiving a total of 1.7B views.

TikTok is just getting started! It’s available in 150 markets and in 75 different languages.
TikTok’s aim is to inspire and enrich people’s lives with creative and positive experiences with no hassle due to a number of safety features that include moderation tools and privacy settings.