Five Social Media Trends of 2020

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#1 Ephemeral Content to keep your target audience on their toes:

Ephemeral content is something that’s available for a very short period. Today, people’s attention span is very short due to rapidly consuming new and ongoing content. So in order to get people’s attention, Instagram Stories and Snapchat are the way to go because they are temporary, short, engaging and addictive in such a way that people can spend countless hours scrolling through them nonstop.

#2 Video Content will be the new static:

Video content is becoming the new sought-after engaging form of content and is currently dominating social platforms. According to a Cisco study, 82% of online content will be video. So if you are still reluctant to create videos for your brand then it’s time to get creative and video-fy your strategy.

#3 Influencer Marketing:

Since technology has been booming and will only continue to boom, influencer marketing is ever-growing and it seems like it’s here to stay. Since influencers already have many followers and can create hype by simply talking about it, it’s considered mostly cheaper and more impactful to invest in an influencer than to run paid campaigns, possibly even delivering better results.

#4 Personalized video marketing is becoming the new thing:

Audience segmentation is the reason industries will be able to increase their level of personalized social media marketing. Social platforms are pushing brands to produce video content through story ads because they will deliver a higher click-through rate than traditional newsfeed ads.

#5 Conversational Marketing (Chatbots):

AI is becoming the future of human communication and interaction, with 82% of people wanting an immediate response to their queries; chatbots are the best answer so far, because who wants to work night shifts, right?

The best part about it is that it’s available cross-channel, where brands can meet their customers on their own terms and on any of their preferred device or platform. In the long run, the primary goal of conversational marketing is to enhance the user experience as much as possible in order to get a feedback-driven model that will generate more engagement and greater loyalty.