Best Digital Media Campaigns

A celebration of the commercial success of creative digital campaigns brought to life by the top minds in the industry, making their mark in the minds of their audience and beyond.


Accelerate that success and vroom your work straight into stardom. Show us your best creative campaigns done for brands in the automotive industry and their corresponding products or services.


Catering to other businesses doesn’t have to be boring! Submit your exceptional campaigns that target other businesses and leverage their offering through focused creative executions.


Focused on outstanding campaigns that successfully deliver messages to consumers and yield desired results in a creative way.

Best App

“There’s an app for that” is almost a certainty today. Creators of exceptional mobile apps that delivered their goals and beyond should enter this category.

Best Branded Content

Submit your content that successfully communicated a brand’s image to its audience using the brand’s identity.

Best Campaign developed by a freelancer

Submitted work here must have been created by the independent, free-spirited lone wolves that roam the digital landscape in their own time.

Best Ecommerce

The world is just one big marketplace; did you contribute to it by creating meaningful, engaging e-commerce platforms that increased overall transaction value? Show us!

Best In-house Campaign by brand

There’s no place like home. Submit a brand’s best in-house marketing work that successfully leveraged its position through internal efforts only.

Best In-house Campaign developed by CSR organization

We’re looking for the best campaigns developed in-house by the socially accountable and the environmentally responsible.

Best In-house Campaign developed by government authority

Public organizations that have created outstanding, impactful campaigns using internal teams should submit their work in this section.

Best Martech

A category dedicated to brands that successfully leveraged digital campaigns through the use of MarTech tools & software to automate or streamline marketing processes.

Best Podcast

The perpetually unique audio format with hardly any competition! Submit here the best commercial use of podcasts.

Best use of gaming

Fact 1: The video game industry has become more profitable than Hollywood. Fact 2: We can’t wait to see your submissions for the best commercial use of gaming in a digital campaign!

Best Use of Mobile

Competition on-the-go is where it’s at. The unwavering and ever-increasing popularity of mobile made us want to exclusively reward the best use of the platform for digital campaigns.

Best Use of Influencers

Influencers today can make or break an idea! Did your brand collaborate with one or more social butterfly to successfully achieve its objectives? Show us your best social execution using an influencer’s impact.

Best Use of PR

Did your public relations efforts create unprecedented amounts of hype for a specific campaign? Let’s see what benefits were reaped from your best use of PR.

Best Use of Video

Video didn’t stop at the radio star; it’s killing almost everything out there. Send us your best execution of a video campaign.

Best Integrated Campaign

Did you deploy an intricate web of marketing that promoted a consistent message to a target audience across multiple channels like email, display advertising and social media? Show us!

Best Website

Did you build a top-notch digital address for a brand? Submissions here include branded websites and microsites that have increased the overall brand experience.

Campaigns by startups

Age doesn't matter here. Startups with something to show should submit their creative campaigns for a chance to be seen by the best in the industry.


Plug it in! Seeking electrifying campaigns that pertain to all things electronic such as consumer electronics, entertainment & media products, gadgets, lighting, storage, home appliances and accessories…etc.

Entertainment & Sport

Used your brain to entertain and tackle the mundane? We want to reward digital work that effectively communicated with consumers in both sectors including sports campaigns, musical collaborations, original music content, original productions, creative content distribution and more.


Money matters are no laughing matter! Submit your campaigns that thrived and made a rich impact across the financial sector.


At the end of the day, isn’t everyone a consumer of something? We’re rewarding creative excellence for digital campaigns related to any fast-moving consumer goods brand across the industry.

Health and Beauty

Did your work make customers glow? Submit your digital work that aims to promote healthy living, well-being and general beauty products & services, such as campaigns that include cleaning products, household goods, healthcare services, healthy foods, hygiene and more.


Digital publication is here to stay! campaigns that are so well executed they reach out to you from the physical world; that’s the criteria that will reward those that demonstrate captivating content that stands out in published media.


Campaigns that compelled people to buy and delivered the best experiences in the retail sector (e-commerce, restaurants, fast food…etc.)

Public Sector

Submit commercial campaigns that elevated public and governmental entities by effectively leveraging their brand position and communicating their services.


Seek and you will find! We’re looking for the best of use of search engine marketing campaigns and paid promotions that harnessed the power of search and made a strong impact on a brand’s presence.

Social Good Campaigns

Commercial success isn’t the only reward! We love digital work that reaches beyond a brand’s offering and goes the extra mile(s) to bring positive and sustainable change to our world.


One can only expect greatness when digital promotes digital, so submit here your best campaigns that communicate and deliver promotions for tech-oriented products & services, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, wearables, interactive technology…etc.

Travel and Leisure

Is your campaign the best brand ambassador of your country? Share the creative work that yielded the best results in creating awareness for a country, including travel, tourism, transport, live events, museums & galleries and more.

Social Engagement

This section focuses on the impact and engagement metrics of commercial work deployed on social media and similar platforms.

Best digital social media coverage

Covering live events is always fun but also hectic, so we’re rewarding the best executed coverage efforts across social media platforms.

Best use of Facebook

Zuck would be proud! Submit the best Facebook-based, result-focused campaigns that made a bang on the blue giant.

Best Use of Instagram

Is your campaign instagood-enough? Show us your best work that was deployed on and made the best us of the increasingly soaring platform.

Best Use of Multi platforms

Honoring the most effective campaigns that spanned multiple social platforms to deliver an integrated, unified message to meet the brand’s goals.

Best use of Snapchat

Oh Snap! Submit your best commercial short-form content deployed on the multimedia messaging app that made the impact it deserved.

Best Use of Twitter

Did your work shock the Twitterverse? Show off your best execution that was deployed on the fastest platform that popularized the hashtag as we know it.

Best Use of TikTok

Will you make our day with your TikTok content? Show us your best execution of short-form videos on the tremendously popular platform.

Best use of YouTube

Show us how you used the world’s top video destination to create immersive experiences and successfully achieve a brand’s goals through video campaigns.

Digital Craft

Technology might be dominant but it’s still based on the crafty talent of innovative creators.


Best use of Digital Illustration Design

Where digital meets physical; send us your art that was created directly from the artist’s hand using digital tools such as a stylus.

Best User Experience Journey

The journey is as important as the destination. Show us the best execution of a user experience that led to meaningful and measureable results due to its seamless flow from start to finish.

Best User Experience Voice

Did you effectively use voice-activated strategies to leverage your campaign’s offering? Submit your best use of speech recognition and natural language processing technologies such as - but not limited to - Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Assistant.

Best use of Motion Graphic design

Seeking the best use and aesthetic of creative Motion Graphics design within a digital context that made a difference.

Best use of Music/Sound design

Mic check! Submit your best creative use of music and/or sound design that includes brand partnerships, music-centric campaigns, sonic branding and audio experiences that made a significant impact.

Best use of Video/Moving Image

Technicalities required! Submit your creative execution of online video/digital footage that highlights the technical skill involved in making it, including 360 and interactive videos.

Telling the story

AR and VR

Virtual or augmented, our reality is changing fast. We’re excited to see your best functional & immersive applications of AR or VR that captivated its users and delivered an unreal experience.

Cross-channel storytelling

Nothing compares to a good story. We’re looking for campaigns that successfully demonstrated brand narratives through intuitive and targeted digital experiences that drove meaningful consumer engagement across different channels.

Data and AI

The human-machine bond is stronger than ever. Send us the best creative use of artificial intelligence and data presentation that demonstrate how AI or machine learning was used to develop a meaningful relationship with a specific audience.

Real-time content

There’s no time like real-time. Submit campaigns based on content created or used in real-time that enhanced real-time activity in an impactful and meaningful way.


Best use of Innovative technology

Tech innovation is always on the horizon. This category seeks standalone, technological solutions that are not associated with a brand or creative campaign. Submit work that pertains to data-led technologies, innovative platforms, tools, models, hardware, software, products and solutions.

Best use of Native

We’re looking to reward the creative commercial use of built-in and contextually relevant native technologies found in the digital world.

Best use of technical achievement

Not just another technicality. Submit your technical breakthroughs and achievements that became the defining reason behind commercial success.


Ideas that have transcended geographical borders and found their way to hungry regional markets.

Best Digital Campaign in Arabic originating in MENA

With more than 26 countries recognizing Arabic as an official language, we are eager to see the best campaigns in Arabic that launched from the MENA region.

Best Digital Campaign originating in Egypt which had MENA Reach

From Egypt and beyond! Show us the best creative Egyptian campaigns that broke free and reached out to the Middle East and North Africa.

Best Digital Campaign originating from MENA with exposure in Egypt

Submit the most impactful commercial work that originated from the MENA region and made its way to the land of the Pharaohs.

Special Awards

The toughest competitive level that yields the highest honor, this is where even the brightest stars are outshined. Eligibility for a Special Award requires you to have already won a Gold award in any other category. Our judges then carefully shortlist and nominate candidates that meet this requirement for a chance to represent the epitome of digital!

Agency Of The Year Award

Celebrating the people, the work and the business that achieves outstanding success in Egypt's most exciting and fast-growing digital Industry.

Brand Of The Year Award

Celebrating the Brand that created a campaign that generated a killer buzz and delivered a WOW campaign.

Best Of Show Award

The work that in the opinion of the jury is the best of all the work entered into NU. To qualify for selection by the jury, the work must have won a Gold in one of the categories.