type of Campaign

Here are the featured types of digital campaigns subjected to our awarding system


Do you have an edge in bringing out your message through a digital advertisement? If you think you do, share your spectacular work with us in this entry.

Public Relations

Public Relations is essential for successful communication through organizations or individuals in order to affect the public's perception. Do you have a PR stunt worth sharing? Submit your work here!

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility became a must have moral in any entity. If your entity did a CSR campaign that had an impact on the community here is your place.

Public Service Announcement/Awareness - NGO

This award recognises the outstanding contributions and accomplishments in favor of the public's awareness. Think your entity fits here? Submit in this entry.

Cross-channel Storytelling

This award is oriented in the effectivness of digital campaigns highlighting the importance of using multi-channel story-telling in communicating with the target audience, to achieve the brand's content delivery goals, ensuring that the content is worthy of being noticed, shared, and talked about across multiple channels.

Real Time

The Real Time award recognizes the excellence in the use of strategies to provide prompt responses in the form of customer engagement campaigns. This highlights any social media sudden trend/event as an opportunity to connect with the community, in favor of your brand's voice, image and perceived social responsibility.

COVID-19 Response

The entire globe faced a crisis affecting lots of life aspects, but what was your response to it to minimise the damage or raise awareness? If you launched a campaign in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, share with us your work here.

Best Digital Tools


The different digital channels used to communicate with the audience

Best use of Facebook

Submit your greatest facebook-based campaign(s) here. Show us your case and how you met your campaign objectives by providing statistical data and strategies used in support of your campaign(s).

Best Use of Instagram

Show us your Instagram-based campaign(s) here. Present your campaign's case by providing the objectives, statistical data, and strategies used in support of your campaign(s).

Best Use of Twitter

A Tweet may have a character limit, but your potential doesn't. Show us how you have used the power of tweeting with all its limitations & succeeded to surpass them.

Best use of YouTube

Did you have a different approach on the best use of Youtube? Submit your case using the world’s top video destination to achieve your brand's goals.

Best use of Snapchat

Submit your best Snapchat case featuring commercial short-form content deployed on the multimedia messaging application that made the impact it deserved.

Best Use of TikTok

TikTok has taken the world by storm, how engaging were your videos? Did you create a trend or a challenge? Show us your best cases by submitting in this entry.

Best Use of Multi platforms

Did you disperse your work/campaigns on multiple social media channels? Show us how strong your marketing strategies were by submitting here.

Tool Useability

In this section, we recognise the useability of the different digital tools, in order to deliver the intended content to the audience.


This award recognizes the best game created on any gamimg platform. Show us your remarkable game development accomplishments by submmiting your work here.

Websites & Mobile Sites

If you have a website that was used as a special digital tool and the user experience was different, submit here in this entry

Mobile App

Have an application that represents your brand? If your app had an outstanding impact as a digital tool, this entry is totally yours.

Best Digital Craft

Content Genre

The variety of genres in any digitally produced content are categorized in this section.

Social Media Content

How creative is your social media content? Submit your striking and impacting social media content/post with supporting data on the impact in this entry.


How good is your Digital TV program/show? Show us your work by submitting in this entry.


What are the main pillars of a good movie? The writing, cinematography, editing and sound. Submit in this entry if you think your movie desreves this recognition.


If you've produced a Digital TV show with the critical ingredients for quality content; show us your spectacular work by submitting here.

Music Video

Submit your original music videos experiences that made a significant impact on your fanbase.

Virtual Event

Did your virtual event overcome the quaratine barriers? We are honouring the most successful virtual events in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We honour the use of a digital activation to engage & educate potential customers about brands and give them a unique experience.


Here we recognise the creative brains behind every success, those who translate ideas into visuals, bringing appealing edits and design to deliver the intended message to the audience

Best Use of Digital Illustration Design

Submit your creative illustration design that stoodout & had a great impact.

Best Use of Video/Moving Image

In this entry, video editors and exceptional executors of online and interactive videos will be honoured. Submit your creations here.

Best Use of Motion Graphic Design

Seeking the best use and aesthetic of creative Motion Graphics design within a digital context that made a difference.

Best Use of Music/Sound Design

Sound is an essential layer that can be added to animations, videos or any supported digital production. The creative minds behind the music/sound productions are recognised for their contributions in boosting the visualisation and feel of their output.


The use of innovative/out of the box strategies to reach the desired outcome of a digitally produced content.

Best Digital Strategy

This award honors the best strategy curated to improve business performance by any digital mean.

Innovation & Technology

In this day and age, we're witnessing a fast-pace technological evolution unlike anytime before. We reward those responsible for any digital advancement in the newly introduced technologies including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, wearables, interactive technology…etc.

Data and AI

Data Science and Artificial intelligence are two emerging fields that shined in the past couple of years, they are still booming and every addition to the new technologies shall be applauded. If you have used data and AI in any digital craft, this entry is your home.

AR and VR

Trying out Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality has surely gotten everyone amused. It's an amazing new experience on account of the intelligent minds behind them. The technologies are advancing in the market and even started to diverge into the business field i.e. real estate projects visualisation. We would love to honor your bright new ideas using AR & VR digitally.

Use of Technology

There are many ways to make use of technology, but did you invest your energy correctly and met the demand needs of our community? Elaborate on how you used the digital technology to support this by submitting your work here.

Governmental Digitization

In a world highly dependant on technology featuring accomodotable services to individuals, comes the governmental services which are outmoded relative to the expectations we all have. Succession in delivering new progressive ideas that save time and money are definitely needed. We reward the best campaigns, apps and websites contributing to make our lives easier.

Best Governmental App

In a world thriving for digitalizing governmental services, we appreciate the effort made by any governmental organization in creating a new app facilitating a service for the society members.

Best Governmental Website

In parallel with the world digitalisation initiative, it's essential to have governmental services, information and products available online through a website. Governmental websites creations or remarkable modifications are appreciated by everyone in the community.

Best Governmental Campaign

Every digital campaign launched by the governmental organizations in aim of boosting the use of digital services is highly appreciated. We recognise the success of the campaign launches, educating the members of the society about the technological evolution of the governmental services.

Cross Boarders

Ideas that surpassed the geographical borders and found their way to the international market.

Digital Campaign with a Regional Reach

If your campaign ideas went viral regionally then you deserve a recognition for the outstanding excellence you have reached. In this entry we honour those great minds whose potential excelled beyond their borders.

Best Digital Influential Figures

Influencers today can make or break an idea! Did you have an impact as an influencial figure on any digital content or craft? Show us your best integration.


Are you an entrepreneur who turned out to be an influencer? Share with us your success by submitting your influence & impact.

Social Change/CSR

Social responsibilty is not a luxury for brands, this entry recongnizes the brands and corporations that have real impact and create campaigns that inflict real change, leaves an effect and impact on society

TV Presenting

Talented TV presenters who offer distinctive digital content and influence the audience are recognised in this award entry.

Content Creator

Creating digital content through any platform/media in an influencial meaningful way is honoured in this entry.

Fitness and Lifestyle

Are your an athlete, a coach, a trainer, a nutritionist, a dietitian who became a role model to others? If so, this entry is where you belong.

Fashion Design

Fashion Designers also joined the influencers field, so if you are one of them show us your impact on your community.


Actors & Actresses who have the power to influence lots of people in their community on digital platforms are honored in this entry.


Musicians and singers are recognised in this entry for their unique products of all genres.


Musical Bands that inspired the community can submit their work that had influence here.

Media & Advertising

Individuals who made contributions in the form of advertisements or social media content supporting a(n) un/branded initiative are invited to submit their work in this entry.

Special Awards

The toughest competitive level is exclusive to those who yield the highest honor. Eligibility for a Special Award requires at least one gold award in any category. Our judges then carefully shortlist and nominate candidates who meet this requirement for a chance to win one of the special awards.

Brand of the Year

Celebrating the Brand that presented the most award winning entries.

Best of Show Award

The best entry submitted to NU Digital Awards will win this award.